Physical Exercises to Incorporate with Everyday Activities

Physical Exercises to Incorporate with Everyday Activities

For most of us, it can be a struggle to insert exercise into our daily routine because most of us don’t have time to go out and do physical activities. If you have this problem right now, why not incorporate physical exercises from your nearby gym in Manila into your everyday activities.

With these exercises, you don’t have the excuse of location to stop you from becoming fit.

Brisk walking

Brisk walking is most likely the easiest physical exercise to incorporate into your everyday activities. We do it to go to work, to the supermarket, to commute, and to fulfill our other responsibilities.

To make your brisk walking more effective, it is important that your body is in the correct position so that every muscle is fully engaged. To walk more properly, make sure you are following these different steps.

  • Always look forward
  • Push in your core by sucking your stomach
  • Keep your back straight
  • When you walk with the right foot first, swing your arms starting with the left
  • When you walk with the right foot first, swing your arms starting with the right
  • Keep your chin up
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Tuck in your butt
  • Rotate your hips while you walk

As much as possible, prevent looking at your mobile phone while you walk because it might hurt your back and shoulders.


Instead of commuting home with a car or walking, you may prefer to cycle. Fortunately, cycling five days a week can already be sufficient as aerobic exercise. You do not need to use the treadmill in the gym anymore if you don’t have time, as long as you ride on it for 150 minutes per week.

Real bicycles are great for your body because it pushes to use every muscle in your body. Two, since your negative through a lot of elements in the street such as roadblocks, you also end up using your brain and thinking also loses calories.

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Chair exercises

If you work at home with no one watching you, you can practically do anything in your chair as long as it does not stop you from doing your job. If you are, do some chair exercises during your breaks. You do not have to go outside or to the gym to get your necessary amount of physical activity.

Arm Circles

  1. Sit at the edge of your seat
  2. With your arms raised separately, rotate them with palms facing forward.
  3. Rotate in a backward motion 10 times

Buttock Clenches

  1. Sit straight
  2. Suck in your stomach
  3. Breathe in and tuck in your butt. After 5 seconds, breathe out and relax your buttock at the same time. Repeat step 3 for 5 repetitions.

Ankle Circles

  1. With your right foot firmly in place, raise your left foot as high as you can and your leg as straight as possible
  2. Slowly rotate your left ankle 6 times before bringing it down.
  3. Do step 1 and 2, with your left foot in place and your right foot raised.

Water Bottle Weights

Do you bring water bottles to your office regularly? If you bought some new 20-ounce ones recently from the grocery, you can use them as a replacement for normal gym free weights.

This is a simple weight toning workout you can do at home after doing some shopping.


When you are just at home resting for the weekend, make it more exciting by doing some dance moves.

Dance is a very good aerobic workout for both beginners and experts. Just doing 30 minutes of it once, can make you lose around 200-400 calories. To make it a very effective exercise in the comfort of your home, these are the basic moves you can incorporate to any high pace pop song.

  • March in place
  • Hip roll
  • Squats with arm pumps
  • Calf raises
  • Side knee crunch
  • Kickback
  • Overhead reaches
  • Long arm reach
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To make your workout even more simple, just lookup dance videos on YouTube.

  1. Stand tall with core pushed in and bend your knees slightly
  2. With arms at your sides, bend your elbows at 90 degrees with a bottle in each hand. Maintain this position for 3 seconds before bringing it down
  3. Repeat step 2 ten times.


While you are taking a break time from cleaning with a vacuum, use this few minutes of freedom to do some lunges.

How to do Lunges Properly

  1. With a straight back, step your right foot forward, lower your hips until the left and right knee bends at 90 degrees. Stay in this position for 3 seconds before standing up straight
  2. Do step one again, only, start by stepping your left foot forward.
  3. Repeat step 1 and step 2 until you do 10 repetitions.

Key Takeaway

Even outside of a gym in Manila, you are already doing a lot of moving in your daily life since a lot of your responsibilities. To become even more fit, incorporate this list of physical exercises to your everyday activities.

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