How to Reduce Work-Related Stress and Burnout in Physiotherapist

How to Reduce Work-Related Stress and Burnout in Physiotherapist

Due to the increase in mental health awareness and the constant coverage by the media, stress has become a common word in most households. However, most people are confused about the real meaning of the word stress and how it can cause burn outs.

What is Stress?

Stress might be explained as the inability to cope with a certain kind of situation. The situation can affect the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of a person. In fact, an incident or an accident can also cause stress to a person. Like every other thing, the reason for stress is different for each person. According to the psychologists, every person has a certain kind of coping mechanism in place to fight stress. Thus one situation can be stressful for a particular person, while another person does not perceive the situations stressful.

What Is Work-Related Stress?

The society has gone through a complete metamorphosis due to the advancements in technology. Now, when a person goes to work, the authority expects a great deal from him. That expectation, in turn, builds pressure. This pressure and the fear of failure jointly podiatrist broadbeach waters drive the person to use the innate fight or flight instincts. This instinct physio broadbeach floods the body with emergency hormones, which helps the person to concentrate on the job. However, if these hormones flow in your bloodstream for days, it will wreak havoc in the body and the mind of the person. This is what causes burnout, where the person becomes so tired that he cannot perform even the simple most tasks. The authority of the workplace emergency management Sydney should look for the indicating factors for proper stress identification.

Is The Number Of Stressed People Increasing?

The hankering to be the best of everything has led people of every age to the grasp of stress. Even the children are being pressurized to perform in studies which increasing the number of the stressed child every day.

How Physiotherapy Can Help?

Proper stress identification can be really challenging, as stress can manifest itself in many different manners. The direct physical symptoms of stress are back pain, headache and migraine, jaw pain, stomach pain, shoulder pain and of course neck pain. In most of the cases, the situation is unique. A physiotherapist can understand the symptoms better. They will analyze the situation and create a strategy that is best for you. You can avail individual sessions and group relaxation fire escape plan melbourne programs to manage your stress properly. The relaxation techniques may include muscles relaxations, thought stopping, guided imagery, stretching, breathing techniques etc.

How to Reduce Work-Related Stress and Burnout in Physiotherapist stress

What Are The Effects Of Physiotherapy?

By reducing pain, correcting muscle balance and improving strengths, physiotherapy can help you to reduce stress symptoms. Here are some ways that physiotherapy can help you to reduce stress.

Deep Breathing Lowers Cortisol Levels

The doctors have agreed that diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing can significantly lower the levels of cortisol hormone. Stress heightens the levels of the hormone which interferes with learning and memory, increase blood pressure, cholesterol levels, lower immune functions and so on. The deep breathing technique of physiotherapy affects this problem area and reduces the indicating factors of stress identification.

Effect of Regular Exercise

The exercises that your physiotherapist has prescribed can reduce stress significantly. The studies have proved that regular exercise can reduce stress by 50-78%. It also reduces the stress symptoms such as neck pain and back pain.

Ease Depression

The prescribed exercise can also work wonder for the depressed person. workplace emergency management Sydney Studies have shown that exercise works as one of the best antidepressants. Continued exercise also prevents the person from relapsing to the depression in future.

Quality of Life

The guided exercises can improve the physical postures thus improving the quality of the physical condition of the person. Exercise also improves the self-esteem, perception toward self which reflects in improved mental health and well-being.

You should accept the fact that stress will always be there in your life. You can only try your best to fight that off from making you a burned out person.

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