6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have

6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have

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For the adventure freaks, it is not just about moving from point A to B, but ensuring that it is convenient and memorable. Riding across forests and plains at neck-breaking speed is fun, but what should you arm yourself with during this out of earth experience? This article talks about six of the essential motorcycle accessories every biker should have. These include;

Motorcycle Tire Inflator

A bike`s tires will reduce air pressure due to the friction and constant hitting of bumps and potholes. Therefore, before you set out on an adventure, you should pack a tire inflator. A motorcycle tire inflator is a portable pump used to inflate tires with a lot of ease. It requires low maintenance costs and is relatively affordable.

Backpack Tool Bag

6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have backpack

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It’s a state-of-the-art bag used for storing personal items during the adventure. This backpack tool bag is made of denier ripstop nylon, which is water-resistant. You can save your electronics in this backpack without worrying that they will get soaked in water. The bag is spacious too, which means it can hold several tools such as repair tools, as well as foodstuff. You can still move around with this bag even when you are off the bike. You should ensure that the straps are adjustable before setting out on a trip.

GPS Tracking Device

6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have mobile app

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You should install a tracking device on your bike before setting out on a ride. In the case of an accident, people can quickly locate you through the GPS. Another importance of GPS tracking device is that it helps you retrieve the bike in case of theft. Robbers might attack you and run away with the bike. The tracking device helps locate the bike quickly, and the people in its possession, if they are next to it. There are different devices that you can use for the tracking process, but this depends on your budget. The tracking devices can be connected to a PC or a mobile phone.

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Heated Clothing

6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have jacket

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You wouldn`t want to find yourself in a situation that a cold environment is becoming an inconvenience. You cannot control the weather, but you can protect yourself against the cold by dressing warmly. Before setting out on an adventure, ensure that you are covered in chest gear and gloves that use batteries to generate heat in the cold weather. The cold results from high humidity, rainfall or snowfall. In these situations, it becomes tough even to light a fire, and therefore, arming yourself with heat-generating gear remains the only solution.

Mobile Phone Mount

6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have phone

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When taking an adventure in a very new place, you need directions to guide you in navigating the new areas. The natives might give you misleading information, and therefore, you have to make use of the GPS feature which is available in smartphones. You should position the mobile phone in such a way that you will easily access it. This is where a mobile phone mount comes in handy. It does not require a lot of expertise to install; thus you can fix it by yourself. Having a mobile phone mount reduces instances of losing the mobile phone, especially when taking it out and into the pockets during a ride.

Bluetooth Sound Isolating Headphones

6 Things Every Adventure Freak Biker Must Have headphones

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Riding a bike for an extended period can cause hearing impairment. The wind blowing against your ears mainly causes this condition. Therefore, you need to get yourself a pair of safety earplugs for blocking the wind. You can also opt for in-ear, sound isolating Bluetooth headphones, especially if you want to listen to your favorite music as you rise, or listen to the GPS instructions. You should ensure that the headphones are rechargeable, with good battery life. In this case, 9 hours is an ideal period. The earbuds should fit well in the ear, sealing the ear canal against the blowing wind, and not sticking outside the ear such that they could get lost accidentally.

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There you go! Before roaring the bike to life, ensure that you have the above accessories for a smooth ride. We have not discussed all of them, but we do believe your journey will be worth the try with these six accessories. Use the tips for a memorable exploration of new lands.

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