These 10 All-around Benefits of Swimming Will Blow Your Mind!

These 10 All-around Benefits of Swimming Will Blow Your Mind! diving in water

If you’re fitness savvy and always want to make the most of your leisure time as well, then you’re may be thinking that you’re torn between the two options – or you’re may be thinking that life has left you no choice but to choose one and drop the other. Well, if you’re fantasizing about doing both at the same time without feeling the hassle and pressure, you might want to know that “swimming” exists.

Yeah, swimming requires you to go swim and paddle around the pool or any water resources and then what? – And then what… that’s a very good question. If you want to know how swimming can possibly help you, then don’t ever think to turn the page and finish reading instead – it will definitely blow your mind!

1. Used in sport and in recreation

One amazing benefit of swimming is that whoever practices it is actually living a peaceful life. Why? It’s because if you’re into swimming, you can consider it as your sport and recreation at the same time. Yes, it allows you to enjoy the sport and your free time wisely and hassle-free.

2. It makes your whole body move and workout at the same time

This could probably the funniest and one of the most unbelievable benefits of swimming that you could ever know in your whole existence – swimming lets you move from head to toe and there’s an immense tendency that you’re not aware of that. It simply uses all your body muscles whether you do a gentle breaststroke or hammer butterfly.

3. Believe it or not, it burns calories!

Would you believe that swimming burns calories a couple of times than that of by walking? Well, yes you should. It’s one of the most effective ways to burn those unwanted fats. You can even lose 200 calories only by a half an hour of swimming, isn’t that amazing?

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4. It enhances proper breathing

If you’re having trouble with breathing properly, you can enhance it by regular swimming. This sport or recreational activity helps you practice proper breathing without running out of breath through an intense workout or sweating.

5. Makes you exercise without sweating

Like what has been said earlier, swimming can make you work out without getting sweaty. Well, that’s absolutely true. It gives your whole body a chance to exercise in an easy and relaxing way you can ever imagine. The water keeps your body refreshed and pampered at the same time – that’s one of the most beautiful things swimming can contribute to your whole body.

6. A great water workout for general well-being

Swimming, unnoticeably, is something that feeds your needs from the inside to outside. How and why? If you need to unwind, you can go swimming; if you need a workout, go swimming; if you want to get tanned, you go swimming, and so on. No matter what you’re in need to, swimming can give you its helping hand; you only have to give your time, discipline, willingness, and passion in return.

7. A very convenient workout to do!

Wait, what? Swimming is a very convenient workout? Well, whether you’re aware or not, it is indeed. Why? It’s because it’s so accessible compared with other sports. When you thought of swimming in the middle of the day, you can go find yourself a resort or you can go to the city’s public pool or cheap resorts. Or otherwise, if you’re lucky enough to have your swimming pool at home, you absolutely have access to it whenever and anytime you want.

8. Perfect for all ages

Swimming is indeed like an all-around activity, isn’t it? Well, do you know that it caters to almost all ages? You can teach your child to swim as early as 4 years old or just like the other parents you can introduce such water activities to your child in their toddler stage.

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Some parents get their toddlers on the pool to learn how to float in order to prevent the alarming case of drowning – of course, if you would teach your child to swim, make sure to be there along their side to guide and secure them. Also, as long as you can swim and play deep down the water, whether you’re already in your senior years or not, swimming still welcomes you.

These are the swimming essentials for both beginners, competitive, and recreational (optional) swimmers of all ages:

  • Kickboard
  • Swimming goggles
  • Swimming caps
  • Earplugs
  • Nose clips
  • Proper swimwear

… And so on.

9. Water calms and relaxes the body

Are you feeling all the stress, anxiety and depression that life keeps on throwing at you? Well, you’re probably looking for something to ease your burden and give you the proper relaxation you need. Don’t worry, because swimming can also help you with all that. With regular swimming, it can decrease the level of your stress, reduce your anxiety and/or depression, and it can also enhance your sleeping patterns. Like what has been said, the water gives the body the soothing it seeks and needs.

10. Maintains a healthy status of heart and lungs

If you think that swimming only benefits your joints and muscles, well, erase that thought, because swimming can help you maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Through the required proper breathing, this water activity helps your heart and lungs exercise and execute the proper breathing which helps in enhancing your breathing difficulty.

So, now that you’ve read the powerful benefits of swimming to anyone who exercises it, would you be the last to try it? Don’t think twice because swimming delivers and guarantees worthy results.


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