Countries with the highest titles in swimming

Competitive swimming attracted international keenness during the 19th century. It is now one of the event groups under Summer Olympics with 16 separate events for competitors. There are four methods of swimming followed for international competitions – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. There are also competitions for fall and winter just as for spring and summer.

Record of countries with most titles

Below, we share the rankings of Gold medal titles won at the Olympics Games and FINA World Championships at a global level. Find out the track record of the top countries and the number of titles they won:

1. The United States with 462 Titles

The US has won 462 titles at an international level and in Summer Olympic Games. The competitive swimming in this country is organized by USA Swimming. They are headquartered at Olympic Training Center, Colorado. They handle every aspect of the sport – from fundraising to medicine programs. It also manages every swimming meet of the country – from local levels to the Olympics.

Olympics Trials happen once in every four years and America holds a record of being the fastest joining competitor. It is the leading country with the maximum of titles under its radar.

2. East, West, and Unified Germany with 145 titles

Germany comes second in swimming at an international level and has a record of winning 145 titles. Their events include diving, water polo, open water swimming, and synchronized swimming. The unified swimmers have a record of taking the gold back home in 1956, 1960, and 1964 of the Summer Olympics.

In 1956, Saarland joined the unified team. While the Socialist Republic of East Germany and West Germany backed by the US competed separately in the Winter Olympics in 1968. The next game of Olympics happened in 1972 and again, both the national again competed separately and was officially listed as two different nations. However, in 1990 they reunited and only the Federal Republic of Germany remained. Currently, Germany competes as one nation in every international athletic event.

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3. China with 140 titles

China has won 140 titles under FINA Championships and Summer Olympic games. They were a part of the competitions from 1952 and comes third on this list.

The Chinese Swimming Association in Beijing, founded in 1957, organizes and governs the international swimming team. They are a non-profit organization managed by the government. They compete in diving, water polo, open water swimming, and synchronized swimming.

4. Australia with 136 titles

Australia has a record of 136 titles won during Summer Olympic Games and other international swim meets. The Australian swimming team is referred to as the ‘Dolphins’ and they organize and operate the competitions. The team was founded in 1909 in Canberra and is responsible to conduct training and screening for swimmers of every level.

5. Russia/USSR with 115 titles

The Russian Federation, that was once under the banner name of USSR, and many more Soviet Socialist Republics, have been regular participants at Summer Olympic Games and many international meets.

The former Soviet Union won 115 titles in competitive swimming. Russian Swimming Federation manages and regulates swimmers of every level and prepares them for diving, synchronized swimming, and open water swimming. The USSR has won more competitive swimming titles compared to Russia as one nation.

6. Hungary with 56 titles

Hungary garnered 56 medals in competitive swimming ever since they entered international swimming meets and Summer Olympics. They are managed by the Hungarian Swimming Federation that takes over every local and international event.

It is common to find swimmers learn at the outdoor pools because the country is landlocked and has no oceans around. The swimmers from Hungary maintain a unique record, as the country has won more titles at home than at any other country has in the Olympics.

7. The Netherlands with 35 titles

The Netherlands has won 35 major titles in international meets and Summer Olympic. The Royal Dutch Swimming Federation manages the local and international swimmers. They also organize the international event of Swim Cup in Eindhoven every April, which decides who qualifies for Olympics.

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8. Great Britain with 35 Titles

Great Britain also has 35 titles under their name by performing in both Olympic and FINA championships. The British Swimming association oversees selection, training, fielding, and other aspects for swimmers. The swimmers leave their mark every time in the Summer Olympic and are also a great competition for other international meets.

9. Italy with 33 Titles

Italy won 33 titles under competitive swimming ever since they were a part of the Summer Olympic Games. The Italian Swimming Federation select and train competitors for over 50 years already.

The swimmers from this team have not only won international titles but also many European titles. They handle every aspect of competitive swimming for Italy and leaves an impact every time.

10. Canada with 27 titles

Canada has 27 titles won the Olympics and FINA championships in different categories of swimming. The Swimming Canada association operates competitive swimming. They include diving, open water swimming, and synchronized swimming. Canada first competed in 1908 at the London Olympic Games. They have been unstoppable ever since and produce competitive swimmers every year.

11. France with 27 titles

We had to add another name to this list as it is at a tie with Canada. Yes, France too has a record of 27 titles ever since it participated in international level swimming and Summer Olympics. France includes competitive swimming categories like synchronized swimming, open water swimming, and diving. The French Swimming Federation select the competitor for every level. They find swimmers that qualify, train them, and help them prepare for international meets.

Final thoughts

Swimming is one of the most interesting sports we look up to when watching the Olympics. It is fun to see a relaxing sport can make a great competitive category at an international level.

Swimming is one of the record-breaking sports categories in America. We know that Americans take interest in polar bear plunges, but did we know that it leads at a global level?

The number of titles won by the US is five times of what France has won. Let us hope that every country puts in the best and makes new records that we can talk about and record in this blog.

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