Explore The Swimming Talents In Your Kids And Let Them Live A Healthy Life

Explore The Swimming Talents In Your Kids And Let Them Live A Healthy Life

Being a kid, most of us had learned swimming. That was one of our hobbies and was learned for fun in the summer season. Also, it is a great physical activity which helps keep the body healthy. But As we grow up, we don’t continue this healthy activity. For quite a few reasons we discontinue. 

Swimming is not just a fun activity. It is quite important, and we should also encourage our children to swim on a regular basis. Swimming has been a favorite sport in the Olympic too.  Different competition is also being arranged at the state level, inter-school or even part of the various International sports event. Besides if a child is an expert in swimming, they can also take part in other water sports. Some of them are surfing, Triathlon, yachting, scuba diving, canoeing, and kayaking.

Benefits of swimming

Let look into some of the reasons for which you should encourage your child to learn swimming.

  • Swimming is a popular sport and is ranked in number 3 position among all other options. In the US this sports is ranked as the 4th most popular games. Also to be fit, swimming has been ranked second in the United States. So popularity can be a great reason to start swimming from now. Most importantly not only kids but this fitness program can also be followed by an individual of all ages. So let s encourage the kids to follow and start a healthy sport. You never know they may fall in love with swimming too.
  • A great exercise to increase the body’s flexibility. It is because of the skills of the water buoyancy against the earth’s gravity which makes a great choice of low impact exercise. If you are in a hot water pool, then it is best for flexibility. Not only this, but it also relaxes the muscles and helps in body stretching too. If you love to be engaged in endurance workout but hate the muscle soreness- then choose swimming.
  • It is a great calorie burning exercise which does not make you sticky but cools you down in summer. If you swim for an hour, it can burn as much as 500 calories of the body. Even it boosts the body’s metabolism which helps in calorie burning even when you are not swimming as it is considered the highest cardio conditioning. Compared to any other cardio exercise, swimming is much helpful. Great intense swimming can increase the oxygen need of the body and make the muscles and heart work much faster and harder. Overall our body experiences a better blood circulation which makes the functioning of the other organs proper.
  • We commonly say that the swimming makes you taller and longer and that’s true. Swimming makes you capable of working on the joints and makes the leaner muscles. It also brings in the different movement of the body in different postures. This makes the muscles flexible and nice and long for an extended period. But that is until the adolescence age and not after that.
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Swimming as the sports

Besides all these reasons, one prime reason that makes it so much popular is that swimming is an internationally renowned sport. It is both an individual and a team sports which takes place in a pool or any water body. The Olympic sports have the category of swimming with different styles of swimming- butterfly stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and individual medley. Though each of these styles can participate individually, the freestyle and the medley relay has to have participated in the team with four swimmers.

Different competition around the world

In the 19th century, competitive swimming was launched and got popular gradually. World records are being noted, and they were broke in a different competition. An athlete needs to undergo through various training and practices to learn the skills and techniques. A cycle of training is being followed, and then the athlete prepares themselves to participate in the competition.

In the summer Olympic game, the swimming event is popular and irrespective of any gender they can compete in 16 of the recognized events. The Olympics event is being held in the 50-meter pool which is called the long course pool. Officially there are 40 recognized events in Olympics for individual swimming competition.

Not only in summer but short course swimming competition is also being held in winter, spring and autumn too. The length of the course is 25 meters and organized in open water.

Swimming Sports attire

Proper swimming attire needs to wear while participating in this water sports. Swimsuit with swim cap and goggles are the must. These are compulsory for the competition and have to be worn by the swimmers. For general practice or fun, some may even wear the swim fins and take hand paddles or drag suits too. But these accessories are illegal when you are participating in any  event.

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How to help the kids to start swimming?

If your child shows interest in swimming and love to do so, then encourage them with professional training. Help them practice with different skills and participate in the local competitions too. Train them with a professional and skilled trainer. Look out for competitions for swimming which would make them feel confident. Gradually participating at different levels, they would be experts and would get into a habit of swimming at different water bodies too. Also, it would make them healthy and free from any stress or tension.

Swimming is all about fun

Wrapping up, swimming is now the most popular sports. It has multiple benefits. Being a parent and a mentor, you can also participate in the sports with full enthusiasm. This would help in getting better health for you too. Overall, the world I look for more and more swimmers who would be coming up and breaking the world records made so far.

Look over the Google to know about the local swimming classes or training institute. In this summer, join the class and explore new talent. You never know this can change your entire outlook of the life too. Let’s start swimming and be healthy!

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