Reasons that make basketball the best sport

If teenagers would call a sport ‘cool’ it’d be basketball and that’s why it is the most popular option among kids in the US. This is also why schools promote this sport over most other. You’d find many of them have a basketball court within the school premises.

If you’re looking for the perfect sport to enroll in or looking for reasons to choose basketball, we’d give you plenty. Just keep reading ahead and find out reasons that make basketball so loved across the world.


Why basketball is the best sport?

You can have a different set of reasons to love another sport. But if you ask a basketball player he’d give you his shares of reasons to love this one. Check out the most obvious reasons below:

1. Easy to learn

Once you get your hands to dribble and balance the ball, you’re already halfway there. Basketball is an easy game and people looking forward to playing sports for physical activity tend to choose this.

Dribbling needs some practice because you need to know how to tackle the ball. Once you can dribble, jump, and run with the ball, you need to know how to shoot it.

Shooting isn’t tough but does need a lot of practice. People tend to get used to a particular space where they regularly play, and can often make mistakes when taken to another.

To know how to shoot right, you need to have great focus and aim. It’s almost like throwing a dart and you have to hit the bulls-eye.

2. Takes little time to learn the defense

Once you’ve learned to dribble and shoot, you need to know defense. It can be tough to fight a good player, but the fundamentals are pretty easy to execute.

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You need to deliberately use your body to block your opponent’s move and keep the ball away from him. You can use your arm (as per legal rules) to stop him from snatching, shooting, or passing the ball.

3. Smooth timing

The time slot given to play basketball seems perfect to most players. It starts with 40 minutes for amateurs and extends to 48 minutes for professional games. The players get a break between the two slots and retain the right energy to play all through.

As an audience, we need to take out 60 to 90 minutes of our time to watch a match online. It is way better than many sports that last for 4-5 hours.

4. A team sport that gives you credit

Many people love basketball because you get due recognition even when you’re playing within a team. There are times you’d find players of other sports not getting their credit, especially if the team loses. However, basketball lets you shine individually and also with the group.

On one end, you have fewer people to compete with and on the other hand, you have enough space for yourself. From aiming the perfect throw to controlling the dribble all the way, you have more potential to shine through.

5. The cheapest sport that you can play anywhere

All you need is an open space, two hoops, and a ball! Basketball needs the least equipment and doesn’t involve things like pads, helmets, and so on.

Most locals transform their backyard into a basketball ground every time they have their friends over. It is an easy game that you can play with just a few people and can be a great option for recreation and cardio.

6. Great sport for physical training

You’d find most athletes in their best shape, but if you’d compare them with professional basketball players, they’d fall back. Basketball players arguably have the best physique because the sport nurtures their entire body.

One of the most evident benefits of playing basketball is an increase in height. Many parents encourage their kids to play the sport during the teen years because it promotes height along with overall development.

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7. Let’s you enjoy alone

Basketball does need two teams with a minimum of five people from each team to compete. But when you’re learning the skill, you can play it alone.

From being a stress buster to helping you ace your moves, basketball is a game you can enjoy playing alone. It not only helps you practice whenever you want but also doesn’t need you to depend on anyone to play.

8. The rules are easy to understand

People can easily play basketball because they don’t have to dig deep into rules. When you’re playing a sport informally, you might have found the teams to get into arguments about breaking rules.

When you can choose a game that doesn’t have many rules, it saves so much of time and keeps the fun intact. Many people tend to choose this game over other sports as it doesn’t need you to tax your brain.

9. Easy to get going

Basketball is easy to get going because you don’t need to have added equipment on you. You just wear loose tees and shorts and dribble the ball to reach your aim.

Basketball doesn’t bring in umpires you’re always conscious of or have tough rules that you need to maintain all through. Basketball is easy to start, get going, and the results are pretty simple to achieve – the ball either goes through the pole or it doesn’t, and that determines everything!

10. Closer to your audience

Basketball is played within an enclosed area and usually allows fewer people compared to games like cricket or football. Having your people around gives your morale a boost, and is always good to listen to cheers while you play.

Final thoughts

Basketball is a fun game that you can start learning at any age. You might not want to take it professionally, but it can always be your weekend exercise routine.

Basketballs help you meet more social people like you, who’d be interested to play more often. Even two people can play basketball – that’s the splendor of this game.

Once you pick up basketball as your regular sport, it will give you more reasons to stick to it. You just need to diligently go on playing and you’ll find your overall wellbeing improve.

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