Top 8 best ski resorts across the globe

Sportsmen never settle for a particular ground to play their game because after a point they know exactly how to move. It can get boring for a lot of people, especially if the game doesn’t involve too many competitors.

When it comes to skiing, you’re always up for a new adventure because you never know the next pitch. If you love skiing or play the sport professionally, you’d definitely want to stay at the best ski resorts across the globe. We’re going to take you through the most popular ski resorts so that you can plan your next holiday destination.

Best ski resorts to book for your next vacation

Explore through the best places you can go skiing in your favorite holiday destination:

1. Whistler in Canada

If you’re headed to Canada for your next snowy vacation, you must book your stay at Whistler. People all across the globe choose this resort as it has great snow and peaks.

The best part of Whistler is that it allows every level of skier to participate. It includes a large skiing area and they unwind through several slopes that match your skill level.

With an average annual snowfall of 38.5 feet, you’re sure to make the most of your skiing experience. If you’re looking for deep snow, this is definitely the place you should come over.

2. Murren in Switzerland

Every skier wants to make it to Switzerland once in their lifetime. If you’re definitely planning your Swiss tour, you should get to Murren.

Murren lies in the shadow of a huge imposing mountain and locates near to the Lauberhorn – the longest downhill run in the world. The beautiful backdrop and a crowd-free village are all that you can ask for while you go for the longest downhill ski.

3. Vail Mountain Resort in Colorado

Vail Mountain Resort is the biggest skiing area in Colorado and gives enough space to keep professional skiers busy. The area has long and well-groomed runs that overlook luxurious hotels, grand eateries and shops. The town of Vail is well-manicured and increases your keenness towards the sport.

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With almost 30 feet of annual snowfall, this ski resort happens to be a prime destination for all skiers. Travelers get an area of around 5,289 acres of skiing and it is served by 31 lifts. There are also three distinct terrain parks to keep riders happy and is perfect for backcountry skiers to explore their powder heaven.

4. Stanton in Austria

Stanton is another popular European destination for expert skiers. The area includes lots of off-piste terrains but the vibrant backdrop keeps your enthusiasm intact.

Professionals come here for competitive races and the skiing resort is pretty challenging to most. The best part about Stanton is its affordability. Even though it a premier European spot for skiing, most people find it affordable due to their reasonable charges.

5. Cortina D’Ampezzo in Italy

Cortina D’Ampezzo comprises of the five ragged peaks of Cinque Torri, making it the most beautiful ski resort in Italy. The place is open to only professional skiers and is known for its contribution to the Olympics.

The town is a high-end place for a vacation, but skiing is affordable due to the Dolomiti Superski Pass. You can easily have access to plenty of trails and lifts as the total area comprises of 400km of interconnected skiing routes.

If you’re an intermediate, you will have access to a few trails in Cortina. However, it is almost impossible for beginners to try skiing here.

6. Chamonix in France

Book your visit to this exclusive skiing resort to drench into the beauty of the mountain town. It is one of the best options for off-piste skiing as you enjoy the stunning views around.

Apart from skiing, you also get to experience the joys of a lively French town that is crowded all year round. You can also try tree skiing in Le Tour if you’re looking for something different.

Other than the tough terrains, you’d find many family-friendly skiing options too. If you’re planning to get your kids along, you might want to try something easier for them.

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Note that the areas are not linked and are widely spread across the Chamonix Valley.

7. Niseko in Japan

Niseko United is comprised of four interlinked ski resorts that stretch across 90km in Sapporo. It includes the Niseko Village, Grand Hirafu, An’nupuri, and Hanazono. The area has outstanding terrains on the slopes of a volcano and many trails face the famous cone of Mt. Yotei.

From well-groomed trails to wooden glades, from ungroomed powder to lovely snowparks, there is a lot to explore here. The other side of the mountain is filled with unpatrolled backcountry adventures that take you through half-pipes, sheet chutes, and a possibility of tree skiing.

The area is renowned for the powder and really low temperature. It is primarily famous due to the glades and off-piste skiing, but two-thirds of the area helps beginners and intermediates to learn skiing.

You can expect the resort to offer plenty of options like cat skiing, heli-skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and hot spring spas. Japan might be the last option you choose to come skiing for, but it will give you one of the most exotic experiences ever.

8. Snowbird in the US

If you’re looking for more places to go skiing in the US, you can try out the Utah-based resort, Snowbird. It gets twice as much as snow compared to the Colorado resorts and lets you explore varied terrains.

The area is quiet during the nights, which is usually an advantage for expert skiers but challenging for beginners. Try out skiing in this place if it seems closest to you for your next skiing-spree and tell us about your experiences.

Final thoughts

If skiing is one of the reasons why you plan to visit a place or book a resort, make sure you know the skill level required. Also, know about the other things you can do apart from skiing to make your trip memorable and to tick off more things from your bucket list.

If you haven’t yet tried skiing, it is definitely a sport that you should try – maybe simply because you’re off the ground! It helps you learn the challenge to travel through rough snowy terrains and is a fun sport to learn too.

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