Top Reasons Baseball is the Best Sport


Baseball is a sport played right around the world, but it is particularly popular in America, and it is known as America’s national pastime. It doesn’t matter if people watch or play, there are many reasons that baseball is one of the best sports going around. In America, we have the Major League Baseball (MLB), where professional baseball players strive to make it into.

The MLB has a huge fanbase, and many fans live and die by their chosen team. You’ll also see many different websites dedicated towards MLB, and even MLB picks so people can bet on their national pastime. But let’s take a step back and look at what makes baseball so great!

Have a read on below at some of the top reasons that make baseball one of the best sports in the world:

Family Game

Baseball is truly a game for all the family, whether it’s going to the park and playing yourself with the family, or going to a professional MLB game, this is something that the whole family can get involved in. There are even lots of opportunities for people to get involved in baseball in the lower leagues, like Little Leagues or even through high school. 

No Time Limit

While people who don’t really like sport will view this as a negative, if you are a lover of sport, then you will love this! In baseball, there is no time limit on how long the game will be played, which is something different from all the other major leagues in America, like the NFL, NBA and NHL. Baseball consists of nine innings for each side, and the fielding team has to get three players from the opposing team out before they switch. So, if the fielding team cannot get the opposing team out, the game could really go on for a while!

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Open To Anyone

Baseball is a sport that pretty much anyone can play. You don’t need to be highly skilled in certain areas, for example, if you were looking to play basketball, you would probably need to be at a certain height to be successful. With baseball all you need to do is swing a bat and catch the ball. Where skills can come into play is when pitching, but a basic pitch isn’t that difficult either, it’s learning how to do curve balls and other pitches like that where it gets a bit tricky. 

Fun and Entertaining

Whether you are playing or watching the game, it is certainly going to be fun and very entertaining. There tends to be a lot of drama that can happen in baseball, whether it’s two rival teams in the MLB going at it in the ninth innings, or you are playing with some of the friends at the local park, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had from playing and watching baseball.

Part of Something Bigger

The fans of baseball form a community right around the world, and this is something that many people from different backgrounds can all bond on. Fans are extremely passionate about their team, and all it takes is one look at the crowd at an MLB game to understand just how passionate the fans can get. Win or lose, baseball fans will always stand by their team!

Summer Sport

Baseball is usually played throughout the Summer months, which means if you follow the MLB in particular, then you will be able to get a lot of viewing time in, as there aren’t as many rainy days. Baseball is usually played in an outdoor stadium, with no roof, unlike NBA or NHL, so it is important that the weather is good. For many people, especially in America, Summer = baseball.

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