2023 Amsterdam Light Festival Locations Guide

As the fall kicks in, the residents and tourists in Amsterdam look forward to the season’s most anticipated event each year i.e. the Amsterdam Light Festival. As the festival is once again around the corner, the city has started getting into festivity mode. Experience the magic of the canals in a unique way by visiting the Amsterdam Light Festival! Click here for an enchanting boat tour Amsterdam Light Festival.

If you are looking forward to enjoying this year’s Light Festival to the fullest, it is highly recommended that you book a private boat ahead of time as this is the wisest way of getting the best out of Amsterdam Light Festival. 

It has been more than a decade since the festival was first launched in 2012, and since then the popularity of this event has kept soaring each season. It has helped bring society together as it lets people from every segment of society interact with each other. 

This festival is a bliss for both young and old alike. It has been attracting a sizable crowd since its inception from within and outside the Netherlands, and the numbers keep increasing with successive seasons.

Amsterdam Light Festival Locations and What it is All about

Light festival in Amsterdam comprises of fabulous light artworks erected on different spots across the waterways of the city. These are made by some of renowned artists and some emerging young light art enthusiasts. 

Each season, new light sculptures are installed, some of which stay permanently there for the entire year until a new version of the festival starts. Each season, a number of special tours are arranged for different segments from civil society. For example, tips are arranged for the elderly to help them socialize while they cherish creative art works.

Similarly, hundreds of kids from different schools visit the festival eavery year. Young, creative artists from Breitner Academy are being provided a chance for 7 years to collaborate with senior artists and come up with light art to be displayed during the festival. 

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All these pieces of stunning art are displayed along the canals of Amsterdam. These iconic waterways keep gleaming with the luminous light sculptures, and the surrounding buildings are also adorned with soothing lights. 

Best Spots to View Amsterdam Light Festival

While the Amsterdam Light Festival is among the most popular events in Netherlands, if you do not plan your visit ahead of time, you might miss the real fun of the festival. 

Although you have several options to select from when it comes to how, and from where you should view the festival. for example, you can go by foot and have a look at each one of the sculptures on the way. Or else, you can rent a bike and visit the route at your own pace, stopping by the light art which interests you.

However, the problem with these two modes is that you wont have a guide to accompany you if you are planning to walk around or rent a bike. There is no information about any of the art works on the site where these are installed. Moreover, walking around might be a bit tiresome for many as the route is around 7.5 Km long and hence you may miss on some of the sculptures.

Besides, witnessing the festival by road on foot or bike requires you to purchase Amsterdam Light Festival Map. Without that, it might get difficult to navigate your way.

However, none of these issues will bother you if you decide to hire a private boat and view the festival from the canals. And, by the way, that is also the point from where the city  looks the most beautiful during Light Festival.

If you hire a boat, your boat’s captain will explain every art work on the way along with information about its creator. Moreover, you would not need a map as your guide knows each and everything about the route. You simply need to sit back and enjoy your time with your group of close acquaintances on the boat.

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No tired feet and, no asking around for the information about the artist, and no need to roam around amongst strangers if you don’t feel like. 

And the best part is, you can combine your Light Festival boat tour with a private dinner cruise. For that you will have to book the boat for a minimum of 2 hours and you can have a dinner with your partner or family while cherishing the gleaming light art around. 

 Amsterdam Light Festival Venue

If you are wondering, exactly where to find light art installations in Amsterdam, the answer is, almost all the sculptures are installed around the canals, and some inside the canals. This is why taking a boat can be a good idea for viewing the festival at its best. 

These private boats are furnished with every comfort and luxury you may need during your tour. Our private Undine boat has a central, heating unit for a cozy trip. It can be covered completely or partially depending on the weather. Besides, it has a mini bar with a decent collection of drinks and you are welcomed with a complimentary drink as well. The dual panes on the windows ensure that you get a crystal clear view of the festival. moreover, fleece blankets are provided for a comfortable ride in chilly weather. 

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