5 Reasons to Get an ACLS Certification-

They say that the most challenging job is that of a medical professional. They always have the responsibility of saving a life. They need to make hard and fast decisions as well. Every day, they come across different scenarios that challenge their knowledge. Sometimes, they have to go out of their way to save someone’s life.

Medical professionals are not just doctors. Paramedics and registered nurses also have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They are the ones that are certified to provide proper care to the patient in the absence of a doctor. A medical center is not complete without these primary caregivers.

The paramedics and nurses always need to be on their toes in case of emergencies. If you are a medical professional, you are well aware of the fact that even a second can be crucial for a patient.

Being part of this challenging field also means that you need to keep in touch with the latest technology in health and patient care. With constant advancements in this field, an add- on certification can give you an edge over others.

There are many certification courses available to medical professionals from time to time. These courses will help you to stay abreast of the latest in critical patient care. Moreover, many hospitals also look for these certifications when hiring. One such certified course that is in demand is the Advanced Life Support or the ACLS certification.

The ACLS certification is a program offered by the Americal Heart Association. This certification ensures that the medical professional can provide advanced critical patient care. ACLS Certified professionals can handle emergencies such as cardiac arrest, blocked airway, stroke or any other pulmonary emergencies. They help increase the survival chances of the patient and make them stable until they can reach a doctor.

With the increasing demand for professionals for critical patient care, the ACLS certification will give your career a boost.

If you are a medical professional looking to add relevant skills to your resume, this certification is a must. Find out about this course in detail below. We will also give you 5 top reasons why you should opt for this certification immediately.

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Why is acquiring an ACLS certification important for medical professionals?

Advanced Life support certification is offered to medical professionals. It helps them acquire a set of skills needed to manage critical medical emergencies, especially during cardiovascular emergencies. It also helps them deal with other life-threatening situations such as a stroke or a blocked airway.

Did you know that only 11 % of out-of-hospital cardiac emergencies survive? ACLS aims to increase this ratio by providing the latest knowledge in techniques and use of equipment to help save lives.

Now that you have a brief idea about this, here are top 5 reasons to take an ACLS certification-

ACLS certification can make you confident and ready to face critical emergencies-

ACLS course gives you the practical knowledge to handle patients in critical care. Paramedics are only trained to provide basic first aid to patients and may not be able to handle cardiovascular emergencies. The ACLS certification will make you ready to take the required steps to save a person from a cardiac arrest. You will also have enough knowledge to sustain them until they can get to a doctor.

It will increase your career prospects-

Having an ACLS certification can increase your career prospects. Not many medical professionals are trained to handle cardiac emergencies. This means that you will always find a place for yourself in the cardiac ward. Doctors find it handy to have medical professionals who can handle critical cardiac emergencies. You will always enjoy job security. Having this certification will help you get higher pay as well.

It will increase your chances of saving a life-

save life

During the course, they will provide you with enough knowledge to handle very tough situations. Usually, cardiac patients cannot sustain longer without advanced care. With an ACLS certification, you will have the ability to do whatever it takes to save their lives. You will have the proper knowledge to use advanced machines like defibrillators etc to get patients in a stable condition. The certification also guided you towards helping a choking patient. This way, you will be saving many lives, thereby making a difference in society.

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There is an increasing demand for professionals that provide critical cardiac care-

With cardiac diseases on a rise, people are always looking for cardiac care professionals. This certification will assure you to find employment. You will find a lot of opportunities in the form of private caretakers for cardiac patients. An ACLS certification is a great add-on to your resume.

It will re-instate your ability to learn-

Adding an advanced course like the ACLS will show the employers that you are eager to learn. Being in the medical specialist, it is essential for you to always be aware of the latest advancements in critical care. Employers look for professionals that can start working almost immediately without any additional training. In short, this certification makes you job-ready.


Most of the health care and cardiac care centers have made it mandatory for all medical professionals to have an ACLS certification. If you are already working in a hospital, they may be conducting ACLS training programs on campus.

ACLS certification is valid only for two years. This means that you will have to re-take the course to renew your certification. Do contact your employer or your course director regarding the renewal of your certificate.

The benefits of the ACLS certification are aplenty. However, this certification is available only for medical professionals such as paramedics, doctors or nurses.

The ACLs certification is an advanced course for cardiac care and other life-threatening emergencies. This requires specific medical knowledge. Though, some of you may want to get the ACLS certification without being from the medical background. If you are keen on this, you may have to check with the course providers for details.

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