Biker Shorts Are Here: How To Style Yourself With the Trend


For several years, leggings have been popular a legwear choice, often being worn as real pants outside of the gym. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that this has led to biker shorts, which are essentially leggings as shorts, becoming a popular clothing item too. However, you may be wondering how to make this trend work. The good news is that from athletic style with sports socks to chic, professional looks, there are a few options for biker shorts.

Basics of the Style

Biker shorts are form-fitting and high-waisted. There are a variety of options ranging from genuine biker shorts to more conventional shorts that borrow the shape and materials of biker shorts while looking a little less athletic. Really, the shorts are the only consistent part of the trend. People have achieved impressive styles ranging from high-end and fashionable to comfy and casual.

One of the advantages of biker shorts over leggings is the selection of shoes. Since shorts don’t reach your ankles, it is easier to make a wider range of shoes work. For example, heeled sandals look out of place with leggings but match perfectly with biker shorts.

Often, biker shorts look great with oversized and/or flowing tops. For example, an oversized blazer or long sweater can create an eye-catching look with biker shorts. Again, there’s a surprising number of options. Biker shorts by their nature tend to be relatively subtle. So, you can opt for tops that are a little more attention-grabbing.

Fitness-Inspired Looks

At their heart, biker shorts are athletic wear. So, even if you are wearing them casually outside of the gym, it makes sense to opt for a fitness-inspired style.

For example, sneakers, sports socks, a sweatshirt and a boxy jacket can combine with biker shorts for a comfy but fashionable style. Almost any style involving athletic shoes and socks will help preserve the fitness focus of biker shorts.

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There are a lot of options here. As another example, you may consider a loud-colored bomber jacket on top. Again, relatively roomy tops tend to look good with form-fitting shorts.

Of course, you can also flip the contrast and choose some brightly colored biker shorts and a more subtle top. This will tend to create a 90s nostalgic look but that is very trendy right now. This effect is further enhanced with neon shorts.

Dressing Up

Despite the athletic origins of biker shorts, they don’t have to be relegated to fitness outfits exclusively. While you may not be ready to work shorts into the office, some looks that work with biker shorts are surprisingly professional.

For example, you could pair a blazer, button-down short and pointy-toed heels with biker shorts for a very polished outfit. This will fit right in for more casual workplaces and certainly looks far more upscale than you may expect from biker shorts.

Another option is to choose a trench coat with a contrasting color to your biker shorts. For example, a khaki coat with black shorts. Add to this some eye-catching shoes and you are ready for the day. Just be careful not to close the coat so tightly around the shorts that they disappear. This will hide your amazing shorts from the world and potentially look inappropriate.

Try keeping things simple with a flowy shirt, dark biker shorts and shoes to match your shirt. This is a laidback look that can work whenever the weather is nice. Depending on the colors you choose, this can be a fairly professional look or a little more casual.

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Another great pairing with biker shorts is a statement-buckle belt. Any waist belt can add a little texture to your biker shorts. Add to this a large jacket or sweater and you have a strong, dressier outfit. It can also work as a casual style if you simply opt for a looser fitting sweater and a more relaxed belt.

Athleisure and Gym Wear

Of course, you can always use biker shorts for what they were intended for. Rather than a dressy or fitness-inspired look, go fully athletic. It is popular to wear athletic clothes in casual leisure settings and you can definitely wear your shorts at the gym.

There is a lot less complexity if you go this route. After all, biker shorts were designed to be worn with other athletic clothing. Many people pair a color-matched sports top with their shorts. Fun accents such as striped and waistbands can help to add extra texture and pop to the look.

Get the Right Clothes To Match Your Shorts

Biker shorts are surprisingly flexible. They are a fairly subtle item of clothing. Therefore, a lot of looks can work with them. The key is to pair the right accessories and other clothes with them. For an athletic look, consider adding sports socks from SocksRock. With plenty of designs to choose from including custom styles, you can find the perfect pair to match your shorts. Be a safe biker and start shopping today.


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