Top 8 mountain biking gear you must have

Mountain biking gear

If you are a biker, you know that there is no other adventure sport that gives you as much joy as this. From doing stunts to challenging your own milestones, you always come up with ways to get better at it. Biking is one of those sports that de-stress your mind and makes you joyful. But to be able to do it right, you need to buy the best biking gear.

Most bikers tend to tick the biking gear list one by one, right after buying a new mountain bike. If you’re also gearing up to hit the trails, there are some items that you must consider buying.

Best biking gear for beginners

You might have been biking for a long time, but hitting the mountains could be new to you. You might also have experience of going to the mountains but fell short of resources. Here, we give you a complete motor biking gear list so that you’re absolutely prepared for your mountain biking tour. We also give you an average estimate on how each of these might charge you. So you have an accurate idea of your expenses and can swiftly look for biking gear near me on Google.

1. Biking helmet

Helmets are one of the most essential parts of biking gear and accessories and the requirement is pretty obvious. Many millennials find it ‘cool’ to go to the trails without a helmet, but it is absolutely life-threatening.

You should never ride without a helmet, even if you’re just going two streets away. Mountain biking is difficult and risky, so you must definitely buy the best biking helmet before you hit the trails.

The cost of a biking helmet can range from $50 to $300 or more.  When you look for biking gear online, you might come across MIPS helmets. This means Multi-directional Impact Protection and is one of the latest designs under mountain biking helmets. They give you complete protection for rotational impact injuries – one of the most common biking accidents.

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When choosing the perfect motorbike gear, check if its perfectly snuggly and doesn’t wobble when you ride. If your helmet doesn’t snug your head, it will not protect it well. Try to also get a ventilated helmet so that you don’t have extreme sweat trickling down to the eyes or damage your hair.

2. Biking shoes

Since you’re going to peddle for hours, you need to give your feet the right kind of support. It is one of the essential motorcycle gear that you cannot compromise on. Check out the best brands online and buy a pair that fits you well and feels comfortables. The charges can be anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on how much you wish to spend.

3. Hydration system

You need a water bottle cage that fits your water bottle onto the frame. These are cheap and don’t overload your backpack. However, they don’t carry enough water when you plan to ride for long.

If you plan to ride for more than two hours, you will need a hydration system. It is a small pack that fits into your back and comes with a water bladder and hose. The cost of this is around $20 only.

If you’re going towards the backcountry, the most essential biking gear for you will need is a backpack water filter. There are chances that you won’t get to buy clean water on your way. So, you must carry a tiny water system with you!

4. Handheld pump and tube

You need a pump that easily switches between Presta and Schrader valves. It must be as small as possible but big enough to not pump 1000 times to fill the tube. You need to carry at least one extra tube with you when going to remote places and make sure you take the right size for your bike. The right tire and pump can save you a long walk back home! The cost of both of these will range between $25 and $50 only.

5. Protective glasses

You need a good pair of glasses and clear lenses. Many people like sunglasses and they do work for you as long as you’re not headed to a forest. Having a good pair of protective glasses doesn’t blind you. A basic model sets you back for about $20 only. If you want to spend more, you can try out removable lenses to wear different colors in different lighting conditions. The cost of glasses can be as high as $200 depending on your preferences and need.

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6. Multitool for bikes

You need to keep a multitool handy as you might not reach out to a service center at the mountains. Different sizes of the Allen wrenches can work just fine along with a flathead and screwdrivers.

If you don’t want to spend on a separate multitool and chain breaker, you can check a multitool that has a built-in chain breaker. The cost of this tool will be around $25 and will last you for many trips to come!

7. Biking gloves

Most biking gear brands try to offer different types of biking gloves so that you get the best grip. Once you try out the best pair of motorbike gloves, you wouldn’t ride with your bare hands. Get a pair of full-fingered gloves and also look out for palm padding. It prevents fatigue when you ride for hours and is a must-have for a long journey. The average cost of gloves are $20, but you might like well-contoured ones that cost a little more.

8. Riding shorts

A good pair of riding shorts that have padding inside prevents a saddle sore. You don’t get rashes at the most unwanted places and also find it comfortable to peddle around. The cost of biking shorts is around $60 or more.

Final thoughts

Apart from all the things you need to buy for your biking tour, you also have to consider a backpack. It stores all the necessary things you need to carry for your trip and keeps your hands free. Make sure you don’t overstuff it as it can hurt your back and make you stop riding midway. Just add the right kind of things you need to and make sure they are all as light as possible.

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