Cost & complications involved in Orthopaedic Surgery

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There are many children, men, and women who are found to suffer from different types of orthopedic injuries like a knee injury, hip dislocation, rotator cuff or broken elbow. In case, the person experiences numbness or pain in the region, which only worsens with time or persists when carrying out any physical activity, then it becomes crucial to visit the qualified and talented orthopedic surgeon like

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About orthopedic surgery

This type of surgical remedy deals with rectifying issues related to disorders or injuries taking place in the musculoskeletal system and/or its attachments like the joints, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and peripheral nerves. 

Orthopaedic is rather a term which encompasses a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments for athletic conditions and musculoskeletal injuries. Few commonly availed orthopedic surgical remedies include arthroscopic surgery in the knee region, knee replacement, hip replacement, spine surgery, shoulder surgery, partial knee replacement, repair of fractures occurring in the ankle, foot or hand, back surgery, and carpal tunnel release. 

Few other common procedures conducted are ACL (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction), surgery to repair the rotator cuff tendons, debridement of the joint surface, elbow and neck replacement and disc surgery, etc. 

These days, a good number of orthopedic related surgeries are conducted arthroscopically, where the orthopedic surgeon tends to make a small incision near the affected region. Then delicate instruments are used to make necessary rectifications. 

According to experts, musculoskeletal symptoms tend to include discomfort, soreness, pain, movement limitations, cramps, swelling, and swelling. These are cited to be among the major reasons for patients to visit the hospital. A good number of people are also found to live with musculoskeletal symptoms, knee and back injuries, which are termed to be prevalent impairments. 

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Few risks & complications

Orthopedic surgery undoubtedly is termed to be the best solution to treat injuries, dislocations, and fractures taking place in the skeleton region and its attachments. 

Similar to other surgical remedies, orthopedic surgery tends to involve risks of infection, the allergenic reaction towards anesthesia and excessive bleeding. However, there are some risks that might be associated with this form of surgery and can include inflammation taking place at the site, where some foreign object such as wires, implants or pins may be implanted within the body, damage caused to the spinal cord or the nerves during surgery or surgical related wound infection. 

There are chances of the patient to experience swelling, pain, bleeding, drainage, redness, and infection within the surgical area, thus resulting in slow healing, no or incomplete restoration of pre-surgery function.

Since it is a complicated procedure, surgery and treatment are better done by a well-trained, highly-skilled, board-certified and experience Dr. Ravi V – Orthopaedic Surgeon, who is adequately trained to evaluate the condition and treat different types of disorders taking place in the ligaments, joints, and bones. 

To ensure a successful surgical remedy, it is equally important for the person to be willing to comply with the physician prescribed rehab post-surgery therapy and adhere to it. The time length rehab is required tends to depend upon several factors including patient’s general health, age, the extent of surgery and severity of the injury, etc. 

Cost involved

Treatment cost for conducting orthopedic surgery and post-rehab requirements related expenses may differ from one clinic to the other and one country to another. Price also depends upon other factors such as surgery type to be chosen including surgeon experience and reputation of the aesthetic clinic selected to undergo the surgery. 

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Waiting time for the orthopedic surgery typically is around 3-6 months. If this operation is conducted privately, then it is likely to cost a good amount of money. In India, the cost of this surgery is quite less when compared to its western counterparts, since patients have to shelve out just a fraction of the cost of what they need to pay there. 

Hence, those planning to travel to India to have orthopaedic surgery like the hip or knee replacement surgery, back surgery, spine surgery, foot & hand surgery or shoulder surgery can ensure substantial savings even after there is included flight cost, accommodation, local transpiration, medications, nurse or attendant charges, meals and holiday, etc. 

Patients suffering from the arthritic knee can undergo knee replacement and enjoy better functionality.

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