7 Natural Ways to Beat Lower Back Pain

7 Natural Ways to Beat Lower Back Pain

An extensive study found that nearly half of the total number of employed Americans complained of having experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. Fortunately, in most of these cases, the experience of pain was only temporary. However, studies show that in over 50% of these cases, the back pain is recurrent or chronic. This, despite having sought treatment. In truth, with issues like lower back pain, it isn’t merely enough to seek out a doctor. For the lower back pain relief to last, it is equally important to make lifestyle changes the easy and natural way. Here are 7 ways you can beat lower back pain the natural way.

     1. Exercising

Most of us spend long hours on the computer, which means we remain in the same seated position for a long time. This causes the muscles of our lower back, stomach, and legs to weaken and put pressure on our lower back muscles. Simultaneously, remaining seated for long hours, coupled with minimal exercise can cause weight gain. Obesity, in particular, has been found to greatly contribute to lower back pain. To alleviate these problems and to get some pain relief, it is important to regularly exercise. You can try low-intensity aerobics exercises like swimming and walking, which help strengthen muscles and lose weight without stressing your back. You can find other smart lower back pain relief products at the gym: just hop onto a treadmill or a stationary bike, and your lower back will thank you!

     2. Eating Right

The next step to living pain-free has to do with your diet. What you eat impacts your body more than anything else, so it should not come as a surprise that some everyday food items can be medicinal when it comes to lower back pain relief. Including anti-inflammatory foods in your diet helps immensely in pain management by reducing the inflammation in your muscles. Omega-3 powerhouses like salmon—as well as vitamin-rich food like pomegranates, chia seeds, avocados, walnuts, and ginger—all have anti-inflammatory properties. It definitely helps that these foods can also help you lose weight if obesity is the reason behind your lower back pain. There are also herbal cheap supplements available in the market for pain relief.

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     3. Getting Sufficient Sleep

Researchers find that most people suffering from a backache also suffer from persistent fatigue, and both these issues are caused by poor sleep. hygiene. Be it a lumpy and uncomfortable mattress or your sleep position, your back is bound to be affected. Invest in a good blanket for proper sleep hygiene and switch to a relaxing sleep position. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as that places undue stress on the curve of your spine. Instead, place a pillow on your back and sleep on your back. This will reduce the pain and ensure better sleep. Besides these changes, get eight hours of sleep every night so that your body can rest and recover from pain.

     4. Massages to De-Stress

Psychological factors like stress and depression have psychosomatic effects on your body, thereby causing lower back pain. When you are stressed, your muscles get inflamed and blood circulation gets stymied, which results in pain. The one-in-all answer to both de-stressing and relaxing your inflamed muscles is an essential oil massage. Essential oils made of peppermint, rose and thyme are known for their relaxing as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Getting a body massage also helps increase blood circulation, thus providing instant relief. For good measure, add one of these oils to an essential oil diffuser when getting a body massage. The gently wafting smell will help you unwind in an instant!

     5. Staying Hydrated

A little-known fact about back pain is that it is a sign of dehydration. Your muscles are made of 70% water. When you are not drinking sufficient water throughout the day, the water loss affects your muscles and causes them to weaken, which in turn, results in black pain. Plus, water also helps by flushing out the lactic acid that accumulates in your muscles. Lactic acid causes muscles to get inflamed, which is why it is necessary to have it flushed out. Drink the advised 8 glasses of water a day regularly. If you are exercising or involved in physically arduous jobs, drink even more to keep your muscles hydrated.

     6. Improving Your Posture

From slouching to lazing on the bed with our phone, we all are guilty of poor posture. Since our spine is naturally curved, twisting our backs in an uncomfortable position causes the spinal discs to become misaligned. This results in back pain and inflammation. The most enduring way to battle lower back pain is to correct poor posture. Completely avoid using your phone while laying on your bed. If you slouch, consciously try to correct your posture every half an hour. To correct your habit, you can even invest in a waist trainer, which will help your back stay straight.

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     7. Stretching

If you suffer from persistent lower back pain, one of the quickest methods to bring about instant relief is to stretch. No matter where you are: whether on a chair at the office or on your floor at home, there is a simple stretch you can do for your back. If you are at home, you can try a simple yoga pose, called Child’s Pose. In this, place your knees and hand on the floor. Slowly bring your hips down to your knees and spread your hands forward. Hold for thirty seconds, and you will feel your back getting stretched. If you are at the office, simply get up and walk around for a few seconds every half an hour, to keep your muscles strengthened.

Studies find that at any given time, over 30 million Americans are experiencing lower back pain. Thanks to our largely sedentary lifestyles, these numbers are always on a rise. To really prevent and manage this pain, it is important that we make some lifestyle changes. Adopt these simple, natural ways to beat lower back pain, and you will lead a pain-free life.

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