Reasons why baseball is great for your kids

Reasons why baseball is great for your kids

As the Major League Baseball is about to begin from March 20, it gives us enough reasons to write about the benefits of playing this game. Like every sport, baseball gives you plenty of reasons to choose it too. With this post, we plan to give you a list of reasons to encourage your child to pick up baseball as his sport.

If you’re planning to choose a sport that your child should play, you need to consider several aspects to decide. At first, his preference should be of top priority, because sports will have physical fitness in common. Suppose your child wants to practice basketball instead of baseball. Don’t force him to choose something if his heart isn’t into it. Instead, look for reasons why basketball is great for your kid and help him learn that.

Reasons kids to pick up baseball

If your child is unsure or you’d like him to try different sports before he chooses to stick to one, you must know the reasons to choose this one. We have a list of benefits that kids get from baseball and they’re all given below:

1.    Great form of cardio

Rather than introducing your child to treadmills at a young age, playing a sport is so much better. Physical fitness must start at an early age and it shouldn’t be boring. From sprinting bases to outfielder’s chases, this sport is a haven for cardiovascular training. Hit, pitch, or track down a flying ball – you’re always improving your lung health and strengthening muscles with this game.

2.    Muscular conditioning

Baseball works great for several muscle groups. It helps tone the deltoid, biceps, and triceps. Sprinting helps add more lean muscle mass in the glutes, quads, and core.

When you swing a baseball bat or catch/throw a ball, you improve the flexibility of your joints. The shoulder and arm muscles go through a great workout with twisting, swinging, and more.

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3.      A logical game

Baseball is a logical game because you don’t need to get out of the field even after your 5th foul. Games like basketball and football don’t give you such leverages. In baseball, your kick off gets called back if someone made a foul and if your ball landed few yards away. Baseball can make more sense to people, compared to other games, and also interest your child for the same.

4.    Improve coordination

Kids aren’t born with hand-eye coordination, but a game like this one can bring in a change in their life. Almost every aspect of playing this game needs a level of coordination. You could be judging where the ball is about to land or keep a close look at the pitch as you gear up to hit, you’d always need coordination.

The skill of coordination helps children improve in their academics. They also start multitasking and can even pick up musical instruments like playing drums or conga.

5.    The team sport

In the year 2016, baseball was studied to be the most popular team sport and it hasn’t changed ever since. Apart from the skills it takes to learn baseball, this game promotes unity. A child needs to understand the importance of teamwork.

For example, your child’s efforts can be overlooked if the team losses or his downplay can be overlooked if the team wins. The game helps promote a level of understanding and coordination to make it work for all of them.

6.    Improve social skills

All kids won’t turn out to be a League Player or even want to take it as a career option. However, the course of learning a new skill brings them closer to good health and greater friendships.

When your child starts realizing the importance of teamwork and unity, they start befriending their teammates. They keep communication clear and address issues so that the team is in their best form. The process helps them build better relationships, improve social skills, and eventually polish their playing skills.

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7.    Teach them to respect authority

Baseball is a game that needs a lot of guidance and support from coaches and umpires. Kids learn to show respect to such authorities and agree to fair decisions taken by them.

Children, who learn baseball, need to follow instructions given by the coach. They are put into a strict regimen and have to stick to the team rules. They can’t do as they like or without the consent of other members of the team. This is an essential value that will help them cooperate and have respect for elders.

8.    Makes you brave

There are many children, teens, and even adults who tried to play baseball but quit because it seemed daunting. There can be times when you break rules unintentionally, but remain safe until you’re caught.

Baseball is much like life – we gamble, we try our best, and then we win or we don’t. People who stick to the game learn to have the audacity to take risks in life. For example, you can hit a single and run to the first base, but returning home can be tough. You can instead not stop at all the bases (as the rule goes) but make a run to the home base. The rewards are great in this, but if you’re caught you’d be out.


Every sport gives us the benefits of physical activity that nurtures our brain and body together. When you allow your kids to play more often, they start getting better in their studies and take interest in things that make them grow.

In a world bound by the internet and digital gadgets, you must encourage your child to restrict the use of technology and play more often. All kids need to have social skills, cognitive skills, thinking skill, and the urge to learn.

You can always try out options like basketball, horseracing, swimming, skiing, and more. Let your child know about different sports and choose what he likes. It will help him become a better person and learn more about life.

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