All about Major League Baseball (MLB) season 2019

All about Major League Baseball (MLB) season 2019

Baseball is the most popular games in America. The youth is very attracted towards it, it played with a bat, ball and gloves. The basic of the game is that throwing the ball towards the person who is holding the bat, hitting the ball by the batsman and last catching the ball by the player. The process might sound a little easy for you but it is really challenging.

With a small briefing of the baseball rules it not like other games that ticks on clock actually it got no limit length game. There are played in innings it is further divided into two part professional and college games.  At first half inning, the team tries to score some points by batting that is also known as runs. The defensive team target is to get offensive out.

The baseball league is divided into 9 big sections instead of talking about them in deep let’s get an overview over it:

  • Youth leagues and major organization (youth program, many organizations in it)
  • High school (National Federation of State high school association)
  • Alternative baseball (ABO)
  • Amateur baseball (The United States amateur baseball league)
  • College baseball (NCAA, NCBA, NAIA)
  • Town team baseball (Minnesota baseball association)
  • Semi-professional baseball (American united baseball league)
  • Professional baseball (Major League Baseball MLB- 1. National League 2. American league, Minor league baseball)
  • Instructional leagues (California winter league 2010)

This article is about the professional baseball league that is Major Baseball season. So the curiosity of this league is on its peak people want to know everything about it from a ranking of the team to game predictions how players are going to perform, what players are in when is the opening day of MLB 2019, openers of this season. For that keep reading the article.

The MLB 2019 is going to start on March 20 and it is scheduled to end on the 29 September. The duration of the ML season is from March to October. It is stated that there will be 162 numbers of games in this season with 30 teams participating in this. The end day is 29 September which is the 150th anniversary day of professional baseball. Many of you must be eagerly waiting to know about the opening day.

MLB opening day 2019 countdown

Well MLB is all set to go and will be live from the March 28 this is the earliest opening day in the history not including international openers. Earlier the opening day used to be March 29. The MLB has released the schedule date or calendar it was released on Wednesday, the schedule has all about the team and their dates.

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The season will start in the Japan opening series 2019, highlighting Oakland athletics hosting the Seattle Mariners in Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. It will be the traditional opening day that is on March 20-21st. All 30 major leagues are going to present in the traditional opening that will be held on the March 28 Thursday.

The opening day is going to feature 10 matchups among the 15 games with an addition to the interleague between the Chicago clubs and the Texan rangers. 8 games are fixed on Friday, March 29th. Well, the countdown has just begun to enjoy your game with full enthusiasm.

MLB regular season opener 2019

The games are scheduled between the Mariners and the athletics. Well, both teams are very good teams in every perspective. The teams that are also going to face it are

  1. Mariners & Oakland athletics
  2. Tigers & Phillies
  3. Pirates & twins
  4. Yankees & Astros
  5. Marlins & Cardinals
  6. Braves & Blue Jays
  7. Red & Rangers
  8. D-backs & White Sox
  9. Brewers & Padres
  10. Red Sox & Orioles
  11. Angels & Indians
  12. Royals & Rockies
  13. Dodgers & Cubs
  14. Indians & giants

These are the list that is going to be held according to the schedule time table given by the MLB. Talking about the Seattle Mariners this team is professional baseball team from Seattle Washington. The manger scoot Servais and the general manager Jerry Dipoto are the operators of this team. Mariners are overall a good performer team with best players as follows: DH Nelson Cruz with .266 average rate, LHP Marco Gonzales, SS Jean Segura with an average of .317, OF Mitch hanger with an average of .281, RHP EDWIN DIAZ.

Whereas the Oakland athletics team comes under the American league since 1901 and western division the owner is John Fisher with a manager named Bob Melvin. They are situated in the Oakland Coliseum since 1968.

Ranking of teams with their records

  1. Houston Astros: Its record as per 2018 is 103-59, Astros has won 103 games, Alex Bergman & Gerrit Cole closely persuading cause of their matching numbers. Astros have three agents named Dallas Keuchel, Charlie Morton, and Marwin Gonzalez also known as a utilityman. Forrest Whitley is the top pitcher.
  2. New York Yankees: The record according to 2018 is 100-62, well they had a hard phase while playing with the Red Sox in the playoffs. The starting pitching depth is a priority, the young hitter Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. Didi gregarious replaces Tommy John surgery.
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodgers has a record of 91-71, 2018 and a world series odd 7-1. Kershaw remains the games top starter from 2018. The Dodgers have cleared the free agents in the recent season.
  4. Boston Red Sox: The world record 2018 108-54 and World Series odds of 6-1. The major issue for this team is Chris sale who has a shoulder issue.
  5. Atlanta Braves: With the record of 90-72 in 2018 and World Series odds 12-1. They might consolidate some young pitching talents.
  6. Cleveland Indians: The 2018 records 91-71, the World Series odds 10-1.
  7. Milwaukee Brewers: Record 2018 is 95-67 and the World Series odds 12-1. The team got the depth as well as sharp talent.
  8. Chicago Cubs: 2018 Records was 95-97 and the World Series Odds were 10-1. The brewers and the cubs both share the same talent with the minimum difference.
  9. Tampa bay’s rays: Record 2018 90-72, and World Series odds 40-1.
  10. St. Louis Cardinals: World series odds -16-1, and record 2018 is 88-74
  11. Minnesota twins: Record 78-84 and world odds 60-1.
  12. Colorado Rockies: record 2018 91-71, and world odds 30-1.
  13. Los Angeles Angels: Record 80-82, series odd 40-1
  14. Washington Nationals: record 82-80, Odds 16-1.
  15. Oakland Athletics: 97-65 record and odds 30-1.
  16. New York Mets: 77-85 record, odds 30-1
  17. Pittsburgh Pirates 82-79 record & odds 50-1.
  18. Philadelphia Phillies: 80-82, odds 18-1
  19. Arizona Diamondbacks: 82-80 and odds 60-1
  20. Toronto blue jays: 73-89 record and odds 60-1
  21. Cincinnati Reds: 67-95 record and odds of 100-1
  22. Seattle Mariners: 89-73 and odds of 50-1
  23. Chicago white sox 62-100, odd 60-1
  24. Texas Rangers: 67-95
  25. Detroit Tigers: 64-98
  26. San Diego Padres: 66-96
  27. San Francisco Giants: 73-89
  28. Kansas city royals: 58-104
  29. Miami Marlins: 63-98
  30. Baltimore Orioles: 47-115
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MLB Predictions for 2019

Well the league is going to start from the March 20, all set to go but what about the final game, no one knows that what happens at the end of the session that might surprise you or you already knew that it was going to happen. It can’t be predicted but for the prediction, you must watch sports channels related to MLB. Enjoy the game.

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