Reasons to follow World Cup 2019

World Cup 2019

The Cricket World Cup 2019 starts tomorrow and we just can’t wait to see how it unfolds. The league comes only once every 4 years and many people look forward to the next world cup as soon as one ends.

It is conducted by the International Cricket Council and has 10 teams participating. Each match has a total of 50 overs which is also known as a one-day match. If you are new to ICC World Cup 2019, we bring you a host of reasons why you should be looking forward to it.

What makes Cricket World Cup 2019 special?

The ICC world cup 2019 schedule is already up, and if it isn’t enough a reason to excite you, find out what makes cricket special worldwide:

1. Patriotism

Cricket may be just a sport but it is fuelled by allegiances of the population of every country participating. Cheering for your country to win becomes the norm and is seen as a sign of patriotism.

Every individual belonging to a particular country wants their country to win. Hence, by joining the hype and cheering for your country you are joining a host of patriots who watch the matches just because their country is playing. You are bound to support your country’s team just because you were born in it and it boosts players’ morale.

2. Your support matters

Sometimes, you will wonder if following world cup 2019 really matters. The answer to this question is that yes it does.

You as an individual may not consider yourself to be important but your support matters to your country’s team. By supporting your country’s team, you join the throng of millions of supporters and that keeps this game going.

When your country’s cricket team is playing, they are representing your country. They are playing for all the supporters. Moreover, if there’s no one watching, there would be to the game.

3. Connecting with people

The ICC world cup 2019 teams are not just concerned with competition and patriotism. It is about how nations come together and share the same platform for fair play.

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It brings in a sense of unity among nations and keeps it alive for generations to come. Crickets teams are the best example to show how competitions make friendships and worthy bond that last a lifetime.

The ICC World Cup is a good event not just in terms of entertainment, but also from a multi-cultural point of view. Cricket facilitates a healthy competition between nations which does not affect the relations between the participating countries. It gives countries the platform to show their competitive spirit and to get their countrymen to rally behind their team. It serves as a unifying force throughout the nations.

4. The love of the sport

Cricket is an elegant game that has really rich cultural origins. For example, beating the colonists in cricket during the British rule in India was seen as rebellion and a victory for the freedom of India.

Cricket has thus been associated with the histories of many countries. This has given this sport a special place in people’s hearts. Many people watch cricket not because of teams or allegiances but they watch it just for supporting good cricket

The love of the sport is something only the die-hard fans of cricket will know. Who knows, over time even you may end up shunning allegiances and start watching the world cup games just to see good cricket flourish.

5. Healthy rivalry

The best part about The Cricket World Cup is the matches with rival nations as such matches are the most sought after. When two rival countries enter the pitch to play-off against each other, two entire nations rally to support their teams.

People are glued to their screens rooting for their team so that it beats the rival nation. The Cricket World Cup provides a healthy platform for rival nations to face-off against each other without impacting geo-political relations. The leaders of rival nations also follow such matches closely in order to join their countrymen in the fever of the match.

6. Sense of pride

Winning the World Cup gives a sense of pride to the entire nation that wins the cup. Winning against rival nations also gives the entire country a sense of pride. The winners of certain play-offs like India vs Pakistan end up making their whole country proud.

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The players playing against a rival country also have a large amount of pressure on them to win. Hence, winning such fixtures gives a large number of emotional rewards which are incomparable.

7. Non-violent showdown

The world cup provides a platform for a non-violent showdown among countries. Whole countries come to a standstill as people take time off from their hectic lives to root for their team.

The match has no effect on the actual relations between the two countries neither does the outcome raise any conflict among the participating countries. People become healthy competitors to play off against each other in a harmonious way. Such relationships are important especially to keep conflicts and tensions away from two countries

8. Special screenings

During the World Cup, there will be a lot of special screenings of the matches. A lot of people will arrange huge screens and projectors to screen the matches. Bars, pubs and upscale restaurants will screen the match in their establishments.

Some places will even hold special screening events with exciting offers so that people come with their friends and enjoy the match. You must follow the match to not feel left down and to also know the basics of cricket.

9. The mood of the nation

The World Cup directs the mood of the entire nation as people prioritize watching the matches over everything else. Every office, every household, and every neighborhood keep a tab on the current updates, and it becomes an important part of our lives within a short time.

10. Simply irresistible

You could be supporting 5-time World Cup winning team of Australia or the finest players of India, the matches just keep getting irresistible and you cannot ignore.

Cricket is one of the most glorified sports in the world, and once you know how it is played, you cannot stop watching it. Yes, it does have similarity with baseball, but you need to know the real deal of what cricket is all about.

Final thoughts

We all know the Major League Baseball is a more commonly followed league for Americans. But we can’t deny the importance of cricket world cup 2019 groups all across the nation.

This article has given you a host of reasons to follow the world cup this year. It is time you know all about cricket and it’s essence across the globe.

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