Reasons Why You Must Play Disc Golf

Reasons Why You Must Play Disc Golf

Over the last few years, disc golf has gained a lot of popularity. People love the game because it is a simple and healthy pastime. You don’t even require money or a lot of equipment to play the game. What makes it even more popular is the fact that its successful players are accessible and friendly. You can always contact the players and learn new techniques form them. There are many reasons why you should make disc golf a frequent hobby.

Disc golf is growing rapidly around the world. Most players play the game at a casual level. But there are many who play the game at a professional level. Some professionals even play the game full time and earn their livelihood based on their performance. Many sponsors are also involved with the game equipment and prizes for the players. The online viewership of the sport has also increased many times over.

Disc golf shares a lot of similarities with the traditional golf game. The major rules are the same for both the games. In disc golf, you have to throw a disc into the disc golf basket in the minimum number of throws. If a player knows how to play traditional golf, it won’t take much time to learn the disc golf game. Players must employ many techniques to play and win against their competitors. The game is also inexpensive, so anyone can play it.

     1. It’s Free

If you have your own disc golf equipment, the game is entirely free for you. Unlike traditional golf, where you might need to pay a fee to use a course, disc golf is always free of cost. Though disc golf has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, is nowhere near the popularity of traditional golf. You can begin playing it with your friends anytime and anywhere. If you have disc golf baskets, short-range, midrange, and long-range discs you are good to go. As a beginner, mid-range discs are good for long distance throws and putting.

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Reasons Why You Must Play Disc Golf 

   2. It’s Fun

Disc golf has simple rules and is easy to pick up as a new player. It might take some time to learn all the ins and outs to the competitive side, but it’s valuable as a casual game as well. The real fun of the game is the quality time it creates for you and a buddy. The game doesn’t have to be competitive; it is all about having fun. The game is a good time to have some fresh air and exercise with your favorite people on your favorite course.

     3. Make New Friends

Your friends won’t always have time to play disc golf with you, but don’t worry. You can head towards your nearest active golf course with your equipment. Disc golfers are generally welcoming and open-minded people, who are open to all the players. If you ask a disc golfer to join, he will welcome you with open arms. Once you have found your friends, you will have a team for every weekend game.

     4. It’s Good for Health

Swimming, cycling, running, etc., all have great benefits for your health. Disc golf is another amazing option to stay healthy for people whose daily routine doesn’t include much exercise, especially the ones who sit in front of TVs all day. Disc golf is a calorie burning, heart-friendly activity that you can adopt for a healthy lifestyle.

In traditional golf, players move from one hole to another in a golf cart, but disc golf includes a lot of walking because disc golfers are not offered any such luxury. Playing in a 9-hole course means you will walk approximately half a mile.

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     5. It’s Easy to Learn

Disc golf is among the simplest sports that you will ever play in your life. The goal of the game is to throw a Frisbee into a chain disc golf basket in as few throws as possible. Your disc must land in the basket in as few throws as possible. Usually, a player only needs to learn the forehand and backhand throws, and even then only one of those will likely become your go-to throw. If you can throw a Frisbee, you can become a disc golfer for sure. Your health, wallet, and social life all will benefit as a result of your decision of playing disc golf.

There are a lot of benefits to playing disc golf. From giving health benefits to the social benefits, the game is fantastic in every manner. You can take up the game at any age to enjoy its benefits.

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