Things every baseball player must have

Baseball gives every player lots of freedom and choices when it comes to the kind of gear they want to buy. Some positions need specialized or customer gear because every position on the field is different from another.

Here, we’re going to tell you about the basic gear you need to buy when starting to play baseball. You could be playing for a team or practicing at the backyard, these will be handy to help you get better at the game.

Must have baseball gear

Check out the must-have gear you need for playing baseball:

1. Baseball gloves

The very first you might think of is a pair of baseball gloves. There are many brands selling you a variety of baseball gloves. They are made of different materials, colors, sizes, designs, and have different uses. For example, a catcher needs a mitt, which is larger than the traditional baseball glove and helps you catch fastballs from any corner.

There are both youth and adult sized gloves. The youth gloves are smaller, cheaper, and usually made of less quality material. The adult gloves are bigger, expensive, and usually of better quality. The price can differ from $20-$100 for youth gloves to $50-$300 for adult gloves.

The main reason why the quality of gloves differs is due to leather. Some brands use high-end leather to make gloves and can cost you around $500. These are usually bought by professionals.

2. Baseball bat

The bat is the most obvious equipment you’d need to play baseball. There are several brands trying to sell their best, and again, they have youth and adult sizes for this too. The youth bats have small barrels and are way lighter. The adult ones are heavy and have big barrels.

Big barrels help you hit the ball more easily, but lighter ones might give you the perfect grip. You should get the bat that you can handle playing with. To ensure this, you need to swing carefully and check that it doesn’t feel like a log.

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Bats can be of aluminum, metal, and wood. Most leagues not as professional as the MLB use metal bats. There sure are some nice advantages of it, and the most common one being a better hit at the ball.

Wooden bats are the best and you just need to buy the right quality option. The best ones will make the perfect sound at every hit. The prices can range from $20-$200 for small bats, while the adult ones can go up to $400 or more.

3. Baseball

What would you do with a bat without the main equipment – the baseball? Most of these are a rubber core and are wrapped in yarn. They are then topped with full grain leather and give you the right grip.

Some baseballs are covered with plastic so that you can use them in wet weather. Note that baseball is really hard and can weigh around 5.25 ounces.

4. Helmet

Although many beginners don’t buy helmets as they don’t play the game professionally, it is highly recommended. These primarily protect your head and you need that security.

Baseball helmets are made of strong plastic material and have padding inside to give you both comfort and safety. There are many different colors and models to choose from and the prices range from $15 to $70. The helmets have rating according to miles per hour of baseball.

5. Catchers gear

If you’re going to be the catcher, you will need protective gear. Catchers need to have leg guards, helmet, and chest pad. The gear come in different sizes and is sold by several brands. You can find it as cheap at $100 or less or as much as $400 or more.

Catchers are hit by baseball all through the game. When hitters foul balls off, the pitchers throw them and it bounces into the catcher. You cannot get back to catch pitches behind the hitter when you don’t have gear.

6. Protective cup

The protective cup is surely not the most fun this you’d like to buy or wear, but it is essential if you’re a man. Baseball shorts have pockets in the front to add the protective cup inside. You must wear it when you’re on the field. Prevention is better than cure, and this product tells you why!

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7. Hat

To keep yourself safe from the scorching sun or to make you look cool, you can use a baseball hat. Players not wearing the helmet can wear the hat. It usually has the logo of the team and is a vital part of the uniform.

8. Baseball Cleats

You need to wear cleats if you need to run around the grass. Youth players tend to wear cleats made of rubber that doesn’t grip the ground but are safer. Once the players are in the middle of the school or beyond, they wear metal cleats that add better traction.

There are several shapes and sizes of cleats, and almost anything is allowed unless the coach asks the entire team to wear the same. You can purchase cleats depending on your shoe size. Try to wear them before buying them to ensure the size fits right. The prices will vary according to quality and material. You can expect it to range between $60 and $120.

9. Baseball pants

If you want to truly look like you’re playing professional baseball, you need the right pair of pants. Young players love different colors like white, gray, black, and even vibrant color tones. You can choose your own style if you want to or have a theme set for the team. These pants usually have elastic at the bottom so you can easily pull them up and show the high socks. Most teams use bottom pants that go down to your ankle.

10. Batting gloves

If you’re going to be swinging the bat, you will surely need gloves for batting. These prevent blisters on your hand and protect them from the vibration of the ball hitting in the wrong spot. These gloves are great for grip and never let you miss out on a hit!

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