Top 10 health benefits of playing basketball

Have you recently taken interest in basketball? Have your parents told you that it is a great sport to pursue? Do you know apart from becoming taller, there are many more health benefits of this sport?

Well, basketball is one of the fun activities that not only keep you on your toes but also lets you have fun. It is one of the interesting sports that give you the joy of playing it and not just the constant pressure of winning or losing. Moreover, compared to other sports like football or rugby, it is less harsh on you.

Why people love basketball?

Not just America, but the whole world is in love with this sport. The sport is popular globally because you can play it like a casual game and not just a professional one. You don’t need a big stadium, perfect field, or expensive equipment, to play this sports. It also includes less number of people to compete against each other, so it cuts down on a lot of hassles.

Basketball is one of the fun cardio sessions where you play so happy that you don’t monitor your physical strain. The face-paced game needs you to jump, run, dribble, and gives you an amazing experience.

Health benefits of basketball

If you’re looking for a sport that can keep you fit, healthy, and strong, basketball can be the perfect match. Check out the health benefits of basketball to know why you should play it all the more:

1. Burns calories

Many of us join sports to maintain a minimum level of exercise routine. When you can learn a sport while exercising, why should you join a gym? Isn’t it better to learn a skill than lifting weights? At least when you’re still in school or college, you must stick to sports for exercising.

Basketball makes you run, jump, do quick lateral movements. It is a form of aerobic exercise that burns lots of calories in little time. Every hour of competitive basketball can help you shed 600 calories if you weigh around 165-pounds. If you weight around 250 pounds, you will lose 900 calories with one hour of an intense basketball game.

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2. Amazing for cardiovascular health

Basketball improves the level of cardiovascular endurance depending on how regularly you play. You just have to keep going and you’ll find your heart rate up. When you build endurance it will keep your heart happy and healthy. In the long run, this game reduces the risk of heart diseases like attacks, strokes, and more.

3. Improves disciplinary skills

Like most other sports, even basketball has rules you need to follow. Breaking rules will lead to penalties – not only to you but to your team too. The game helps you become mentally strong to tackle situations and to figure out how to play fair even when you have a rough game. It helps you promote self-discipline and keeps you focused. If you play basketball regularly, you will find an added sense of confidence in you.

4. Builds bone strength

The game includes movements of jumping and running, and that develops better bone health. When your bones are strong, they have fewer chances to break. Weight-bearing physical activities help new bone tissues to build and that makes you stronger.

5. Better motor skills

Jump-shooting and free-throw shooting need you to coordinate your hands and eyes really well. Rebounding missed shots is one more skill that you need to maintain proper body coordination. The third basic skill is to dribble and that needs coordination of your fingers.

When you’re learning the game, you need to give a lot of time towards hand-eye coordination. You need to train on how to dribble and that masters your motor skills.

6. Strength training

Basketball offers you complete body workout and enhances your lean muscles. The sport is extremely reliant on proper body positioning and your ability to maintain it against opponents. When you play defense in basketball, you develop muscles in your lower back, core, traps, and neck. The game helps you strengthen your arms, hand muscles, and wrist flexors as you dribble the ball all the way.

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7. Better spatial awareness

Spatial awareness is crucial for every sport as it helps you know where each of your body parts is in space and time! Have you ever thought why a cat always land on their feet? Why lizards never fall off from the ceiling? These are all signs of body awareness – they know their balance and so do you need to.

8. Mental development

Basketball helps you become more attentive and makes you take better decisions. It helps you train and observe the opponents and teammates for understanding what they’re trying to achieve and how. Basketball improves your quick decision making skill and gets you through difficult situations.

9. Boosts immune health

When you reduce stress, it helps you focus better and have more energy to complete tasks. When you play basketball regularly, it helps you can reduce stress. It helps players get the opportunity to socialize. You have much fewer chances to face conditions like depression and promote better immune health that wards off diseases.

10. Improves confidence

Basketball is one such sport that helps you improve confidence. It boosts your self-esteem and makes you more presentable in front of the world. Confident people have more faith and can face life as it comes.

Tips to play basketball

  • you must always warm up and stretch your joint muscles before playing basketball
  • you must stretch to cool down your body after the game as well
  • note that basketball is physically demanding and you need to have lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • basketball helps you improve strength and flexibility and you can nurture every part of your body with this game.

Final thoughts

It is time you figure out how you want to play basketball to add a new meaning to your life. You can join a club that teaches the games and helps you take part in competitions too. You can join your school squad and learn the game from your peers. If you have a garden or an access to a nearby park, you can set up hoops and play the game with your friends. The best part about this game is that it doesn’t need too many people to enjoy.

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