Best swimming skin care tips

Swimming skin care

No matter how much we hate summers because of the scorching sun, there is one thing that gives us joy – swimming. Since the season has set in, many of you are about to renew your club membership to go diving again. It is one of the best forms of physical exercise that doesn’t even hurt us like the machines at the gym. You just have to make sure to maintain your skin while you go all out doing the exercise. Here, we list you some of the swimming skin care tips that will help you maintain and keep tan away.

You might already know that swimming pools treat water with chlorine and it irritates our skin as soon as it comes in contact. You need to take the right measures to keep away from such skin issues before going for a dip.

We have a list of swimming skin care tips that will keep your concerns away. Before you read them, know why swimming at all bothers our skin.

Is swimming bad for our skin?

Most swimming pool include chlorine to keep away from bacteria and germs. However, the same element can take away the natural oil of your skin. You can face several swimming skin care issues like:

  • Dryness
  • Early aging due to protein damage and dryness
  • Rashes and itching due to dipping pH balance
  • Forced production of oil to fill up for the lack
  • Blemishes and acne from the excess oil production
  • Damage from sunlight and weakening of the skin

You need the right swimming skin care products along with other precautionary steps to keep away from skin damage. We recommend all of you to try this sport because it detoxifies your body like exercise. However, you need to be careful as the chlorine exposure can kill acne-causing bacteria and help you clear the skin.

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Pre swimming skin care routine

Keep reading to know how to prep your skin before going for a dip:

1. Add SPF on your skin

Buy a quality swimming skin care lotion that must be waterproof and have high SPF to avoid tanning. The lotion works like a protective barrier on your skin and prevents chlorine from drying your skin out.

With sun protect, you prevent the potential sun damage on your skin. It also prevents premature aging. Spending on a before swimming skin care lotion helps your skin block chlorine and maintain moisture level.

You just need to apply the cream around 15 minutes before you swim. It gives the skin an ample amount of time to absorb and creates a shield against sunlight.

2. Take a shower

You must take a bath before letting the chlorine water touch your skin. Most swimming clubs recommend this as it doesn’t allow body dirt inside the pool. However, it also keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t let you absorb the chlorine water.

3. Hydrate well

Swimming pool skin care tips need you to also drink lots of water to keep away dehydration. You need to keep sipping on the water before you swim. You need to drink enough water all through the day so that the skin stays healthy. The chlorine water must not be the access to hydrate your skin – you need to find ways for your body to not absorb the pool water. For example, compare your skin with a sponge – it can only absorb a level of water. If you keep it moisturized, it will not absorb the pool water.

Post swimming skin care routine

The swimming skin care routine doesn’t end as soon as you step out of the water. Find out what you need to do as you step out:

1. Take a warm water bath

If you’re going to ask, “how to remove skin tan after swimming?” the answer is an immediate bath. It helps you open your pores and lets you clean up quickly. After that, use an anti-chlorine soap and cleanse thoroughly. Shampoo your hair well and then change the warm water to cool water and tighten the pores. This step helps you retain moisture and your skin feel hydrated.

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2. Apply talc to dry off

Adding a little talc to your body can go a long way. You must apply talc to your armpits, neck, and chest to help it dry quickly. It also absorbs chlorine that could be still present in your skin. Don’t add talc to the body parts that need moisturizing and nourishment.

3. Moisturize the skin

Moisturizing is essential for your summer skincare routine. You must buy a hydrating lotion and ensure that it suits your skin type and stays long.

4. Take care of swimwear

Swimming daily skin care needs you to keep your costume clean. This is also an essential step to keep your skin away from damage. Cleaning your swimwear right after you take a dip helps it keep away from fading. Just add a spoon full of vinegar to your wash and it will clear out all the chlorine. It also neutralizes the smell and maintains the color of your costume.

5. Drink herbal tea

It is a nice idea to drink herbal tea as they come with high antioxidant content. It helps you relieve stress that your skin feels due to oxidative damage. Tea helps supply your skin a great level of antioxidant and that neutralizes free radical that can create havoc in your skin. Try out green tea and moringa tea to give your body the care and nourishment it needs.

Is swimming tan permanent?

One of the most crucial reasons why you need to maintain your skin is to prevent tanning. Swimmers are more prone to get a tan on their body and it can be permanent damage. You can also have premature aging, saggy skin, wrinkle, dark spots, and leathery skin, due to tan. Tan can be permanent if you do not treat or prevent it further. You need to follow the proper swimming skin care tips to keep away from this skin condition.

Final thoughts

Skin care issues from swimming must not keep you away from the sport. You need to apply the right measures to maintain the skin so that you not only exercise but also maintain skin health. Make sure the water you dip in is maintained and lives up to the standard. This further ensures that you only need to follow the above steps and your skin will remain healthy.

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