Sports Stars and Their Pets: 25 Athletes and Their Awesome Animal

Sports Stars and Their Pets: 25 Athletes and Their Awesome Animal

Athletes and their pets make public appearances and pictured together many times; the qualities that the world sees in them are:

  1. Being Presentable: The athletes may or may not dress to impress but their bodies are shaped up and always make them look presentable due to this they are usually seen taking a keen interest in their pets being presentable.
  2. Being Healthy: The pet’s health needs precautions, directions of vet and medications. The mobile technology assists the pet owners in every phase to maintain and improve pet health. Athletes are busy in their own practice and matches but the technology-based apps help them to manage the work and pet care with the reminders.
  3. Being Active: The athletes are always energetic and active. They usually prefer the people and pets around them to operate an active life. Exercise and fitness apps provide notifications and the updates on daily schedules allow the athletes to watch the routine of their pets.
  4. Being Amicable: The athletes meet fans, different players, sponsors, companies etc. they wish their pets get along with people and yet they can find whereabouts or their behavior change with notifications from the apps.
  5. Being Experimental: Athletes are ready to experiment with new things for self-improvement and for their pets due to which they are willing to try out new technology-based solutions.
  6. Being Exceptional: Extraordinary presence and personality built by athletes over a period and they want their pets to be exceptionally good at it. The pets face public this encourages the training with help of technology.

25 Athletes and Their Awesome Animals:

  1. Basketball:  US Player, Paul George the Oklahoma City Thunder star has a pet dog named King they enjoy playing basketball together.
  2. Cricket: Sachin Tendulkar the Indian Cricketer loves his pet dogs.
  3. Football: Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese football player has a pet dog named Marosca.
  4. Golf Star: The American Golfer Tiger Woods has three dogs named Yogi, Bugs, and Taz.
  5. Olympic ski racer:  American ski racer Lindsey Vonn adopted three dogs.
  6. Soccer: Lionel Messi, this player form Argentine has a giant dog as a pet named Senor Hulk.
  7. Gymnast: Aly Raisman the former gymnast and Olympic medalist adopted a pup and named it Gibson.
  8. Surfing: Mick Fanning an Australian professional surfer and his dogs Harper and Kona accompany him to the beach.
  9. Golf Star: Michelle Wie became the youngest American golfer at the age of 10; she has a dog called Lola who is always with her.
  10. Basket Ball: Klay Thompson the American basketball player adopted a dog and named him Rocco.
  11. Sprinter: Allyson Felix the American Olympic sprinter has a glamorous dog named Lucy.
  12. Tennis: Serena Williams, American tennis player loves her dog takes her Chip and takes her everywhere.
  13. Soccer: Neymar the Brazilian soccer star has a dog named Poker who has his Instagram account with 60,000 followers.
  14. Baseball: Tim Tebow the baseball player has a pup named Bronco.
  15. Cricket: MS Dhoni, the Indian cricketer had pup Liya and two more dogs.
  16. Shooting: Abhinav Bindra, shooting Gold medalist from India and two dogs name Buddy and Chotu.
  17. Cricket: Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer has two dogs named Bruno and Rico.
  18. Badminton: Saina Nehwal, Indian Badminton champion loves her dogs Macho and Chopsi.
  19. Cricket: Yusuf Pathan, Indian cricketer has dogs, cats, parrots, and horses as his pets.
  20. Football: American player Joseph Fauria has a dog called Pomsky.
  21. Basketball: Carmelo Anthony, American Basketball player has his camel as a pet.
  22. Basket Ball: Anthony Davis, American basketball player has a pet monkey.
  23. Football: Colin Kaepernick, an American football player has a tortoise named Sammy as a pet.
  24. Football: Chad Johnson, an American football player has a pet dog named Pupilo and loves his company.
  25. Baseball: David Price, American Baseball player has a dog whose name is Astro.

Sports stars share an emotional bond with their pets as they provide peace and happiness and help to release game pressure during their careers.

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