A detailed guide to the method of Post Cycle Therapy

A detailed guide to the method of Post Cycle Therapy

The method to employ drugs that works via the mechanisms of restoring and stabilizing the hormones back to usual is known as the post cycle therapy. This is done only when the cycle of anabolic and androgenic steroid has been terminated. If the user has ceased the use of the anabolic steroids, that will result in the suppression of the natural testosterone.  This may at times be very severe because the steroids are constantly diminishing in the system,  which leaves the user in a very catabolic state of post cycle. This, in turn, will reflect the ability to maintain the muscle mass. Hence, it is better to restore the production of natural testosteronerestore the production of natural testosterone, which can bring about a better environment for both overall health, and also maintain the muscle tissue.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

  • The analysis of the methods of the use of drugs that brings a rise in the natural testosterone is flawed as per the old school approach. There are many users who prefer the use of the mid-cycle burst of Clomid so that it will increase the production of testosterone.
  • This also helps to reduce shut down. The usage of Clomid same like that of an anti-estrogen, it is used when there is a heavy androgenic cycle.   Because of its ability to heighten the levels of androgen causing feedback to the testes, Clomid cannot be used as a mid-cycle aid against shut down.
  • This gain will cease the production of testosterone.  If the levels of androgen are high, the Clomid will hardly do anything to aid the production of natural testosterone, which will be an effective start for PCT protocol. This is when the androgen levels of steroids drop down. This will also be dependent upon the half-life of the compounds that the user has used during the period of the cycle.
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The PCT protocols

The dosages of novaldex for PCT protocol is as follows:

  • On Day 1 it has to be 100mg.
  • The following 10 days it has to be 60 mg.
  • The following 10 days again has to be 40 mg.

This is a sample that could be employed. The cycle and other parameters may get altered as per the dosages and duration of the post cycle protocol. There are many users who like to use both novaldex and  Clomid post cycle in order to cover all the angles.

The dosages for novaldex and Clomid combined for the PCT protocol

  • On day 1 the dosage of will be Clomid 250mg + Novaldex 60mg
  • The following 10 days the dosage will be Clomid 100 mg + Novaldex 40 mg
  • Again the following 10 days the dosage will be 50 mg + Novaldex 20 mg

There are more suppressive cycles that require higher dosage and also be used for longer a duration to get the desired effects. Once the PCT protocol starts, then it will depend upon the compoundscompounds that used to be administered in the cycle.

HCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin

  • The HCG is a peptide hormone that is used by the bodybuilders especially those who suffer from testicular atrophy while they are on the PCT cycle.  This is a drug that mimics the properties of LH in the body.
  • It basically stimulates Leydig cells that are used in the testes to produce testosterone or rectify the existing ones.  It can also be avoided on the cycle of testicular atrophy but that will not help in the recovery in the PCT cycle phase.
  • The drug will bring sharp estrogen levels. This will be due to the increased aromatizing of the hormone testosterone that is in the process of getting produced in the testes. This brings a greater inhibition of the HPTA.
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It is wise to use HCG in order to rectify or avoid any kind of cycle of testicular atrophy.  This will make them very effective in producing testosterone and help bring testes back to the normal condition. The use of HCG should be ceased at least about a week prior to PCT.

Again, it is effective to use HCG in small but frequent amounts during the course of about two weeks. This helps to minimize the possible side effects and gives fruitful results. This is accompanied by novaldex 20- 40 mg each day which is consumed to avoid estrogen-linked side effects.

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